Topics of interest on regulatory provisions approved in the Urgent Consideration Law (LUC)

1. Payment of salaries and wages to dependents.
The articles referring to the obligatory payment of assets and other items are modified, which can be paid in cash after the approval of the LUC.
Payment may be made in cash, or through account accreditation in financial intermediation institutions or electronic money instruments, in institutions that offer this service, under the conditions established in the aforementioned Law and its regulations when it is published.
The form of payment will be fixed by mutual agreement for a year, and if it were for a banking institution the worker can freely choose it as before, however if he did not decide for any, the employer is empowered to choose the bank. If the modality is not changed every year, it will continue for another year.
For workers who are in a dependency relationship today, the Executive Power will regulate the terms and modalities for the agreement between worker and employer regarding the form of payment.
2 Payment of professional fees
Professional fees for services provided outside the dependency relationship may be paid in cash, up to the amount equivalent to 1,000,000 UI (today $ 4,662,900, approximately USD 103,000). For larger amounts, it must necessarily be paid by accreditation in a bank account or electronic money instrument.
3 Payments by the State
Those who work for the State or are suppliers to it, will be able to collect in cash accounts that mean less than the direct purchase limit, which today is $ 510,000. Greater than this amount must be made through account accreditation

4 Other payments in commercial transactions
In order to make payments in operations such as sale of vehicles, real estate, etc. 1,000,000. (Today $ 4.662900 usd 103.000). Of course, if the operation exceeds said limit, it will require another means of payment except cash.
It is also included in the law that commercial companies can use cash in operations related to Contributions, Advances, Dividends, Redemptions, etc.) up to U.I. 1,000,000
Modifications in the Emergency Law Consideration (LUC) on unemployment of dependents and occupations of premises.
Article 398 of the law establishes: “The State guarantees the peaceful exercise of the right to strike, the right of non-strikers to access and work on certain servers, and the right of company management to enter free facilities. "
Therefore, occupations of premises are limited and those workers who do not want to interrupt their work day due to unemployment or other fact have access to work.