A service firm that can provide the management of your company with the support that supports growth.
Founded in Montevideo-Uruguay in 1979 by Cr.Lic.Julio Pérez Alfaro, as a traditional company of professional services in the areas of accounting and taxation, with advice to well-known and important companies of place and subsidiaries of international companies. Currently, accompanying the evolution of the market and in response to new requirements offers new services in consulting, finance, auditing and human capital.
Our attention is based on supports of quality and efficiency, providing a personalized service.
Our professionals work under the strictest parameters of objectivity and independence, generating a service with the highest standard of reliability.
We always try to obtain a deep knowledge of the business of our client, allowing us to diagnose and advise the necessary measures for the success in your business.
The firm is currently headed by Cr. Federico Perez Correa as Managing Partner Director. The technical staff includes Cr. Andres Santamaria Ibañez as Manager and Cr. Mariana Sardiña as assistant.

Our vision

To be a professional firm of excellence understanding the same as commitment, responsibility, and respect with our clients, with our members and with the whole society.

Our mission

Provide our clients with customized professional services in the different areas of activity of our profession such as Auditing, Consulting, Taxes and Outsourcing of business processes (BPO Outsourcing) according to the most demanding professional parameters of quality, independence, and values for the purpose to contribute to the achievement of successes in their business