Our service


Audit and Related Services

  • Annual audits
  • Limited annual or periodic reviews
  • Due diligence procedures
  • Previously agreed audit procedures
  • Assistance to internal audit departments

Business Risk Management

  • Reviews of risk management and information systems
  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Support services in case of fraud and forensic audit



  • Market studies
  • Demand Analysis
  • Prices

Administrative and management

  • Management Analysis
  • Organizational restructurings
  • Procedures


  • Advice to financial management (interpretation of balance sheets, financial budgets, cash flow, cost analysis and profitability)
  • Investment projects analysis
  • Analysis and advice on external financing markets

Human capital

  • Management Analysis
  • Organizational restructurings
  • Analysis of positions, functions and remunerations
  • Formulation of charge and function manuals
  • Training in specific areas (lectures, workshops, seminars designed according to the needs of the company)
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel
  • Tailor-made courses in various subjects such as accounting, taxes, negotiation, marketing and sales


  • Regulatory tax advice
  • Tax Review
  • Advice on international taxation, tax agreements, transfer prices
  • Advice on inspections carried out by national tax collection agencies (BPS, DGI, BSE)
  • Elaboration of fiscal budgets
  • Advice on tax incentives for investment promotion


(BPO Business Process Outsourcing )

In this area of our firm we are oriented to provide a wide range of outsourced services that provide companies and their managers, managers or partners with the possibility of outsourcing certain functions and activities, in order to focus on those of strategic importance for the company. Under this precept, we accompany our clients in the outsourcing of processes.

Administrative, financial, accounting, liquidation of personal payments and their contributions to social security, formulation, settlement and filing of affidavits before the tax agency and the resulting tax payments. These services are tailored to the particular needs of each company and are carried out by professionals and qualified personnel with a high commitment to quality, timeliness and confidentiality.

Accounting area

  • Preparation of management reports: balance sheets, cash flow, budgets, cost analysis, profitability analysis, etc.
  • Formulation of Financial Statements and their attachements in accordance with national and international standards
  • Preparation of account plans and related administrative and accounting systems
  • Conversion of Financial Statements into Foreign Currency
  • Adjustment of Financial Statements for inflation
  • Consolidation of Financial Statements
  • Support in the analysis of accounting items
  • Preparation of special balances for capitalization
  • Budget analysis and control

Remuneration and Personnel Area

  • Settlement and issuance of receipts for staff remuneration
  • Settlement due to dismissal
  • Management with banks for payments through system networks
  • Settlement and payment of contributions to social security agencies
  • Management for obtaining of unique and special certificates with social security agencies
  • Management to public bodies for staff discharges and removals
  • Maintenance and presentation of Worksheets in the Ministry of Labor and Social Security
  • Maintenance and information to the State Insurance Bank for compulsory work accident insurance
  • Assistance and advice to the human capital area of the company in legal aspects and on applications of standards determined by the Salary Councils of the sector to which the company corresponds

Fiscal Area

  • Settlement and payment of taxes
  • Formulation and presentation of affidavits in DGI
  • Processing of a single and special certificate in DGI
  • Integral advice on tax matters binding with the company
  • Preparation of management reports (fiscal budgets, etc.)

Corporate Area

  • Registration of corporate books in the Public Registry
  • Update of data to public corporate comptroller bodies
  • Maintenance of corporate books (Board Minutes, Minutes of Meetings, etc.)
  • Registration of Financial Statements before the Internal Audit of the Nation
  • Reform of statutes
  • Formulation of contracts
  • Increase in capital
  • Mergers and Transformations